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Olympos Ancient Lycian Ruins

The end of the untouched natural beach Olympos ancient Lycian ruins. 20 min. on foot from the hotel. you can reach in. You can get information and brochures from the hotel when you check in.

Cirali Yanartas (Chimera)

The place with a magical and mystical atmosphere that emerges with the setting of the sun and the darkness of the evening is Chimera, or Yanartaş as we all know it. For 1000 years, although a tiring journey awaits you to see the flames of Yanartaş rising between the rocks in the pitch darkness of the night, it is worth it to see the beauty at the end.

VIP Yacht Tour

A feast of pleasure awaits you in the Mediterranean blue bays!

Cirali is now another beautiful place for your family and guests with hourly / daily or optional accommodation, in the bays you prefer or on the routes we have prepared for you.

Route 1
– Genoese Bay – Sazak Bay – Coban Harbour – Aquarium Bay – Lovers Cave
Route 2
– Three Islands – Phasellis – Cleopatra Bay
Detailed Information: Hotel Reception / Azur & Aida Restaurant / 532 545 7130 Tel and Whatsapp line

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All shades of green in the unique garden, Cirali’s clear sea meets the sky blue. Aida Hotel is the place where your pleasant time is permanent in beautiful memories.

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  • Trekking
  • Buggy Safari Tour